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Visit the Champagne Cellars in Reims from Hotel Centre Reims

How is it possible to come to Reims without visiting a champagne cellar, this sublime, effervescent wine from the region of Champagne-Ardennes?

See also our article on visit Reims in one day for a perfect experience in Reims. Our hotel, Hotel Centre Reims, is situated in the Reims city center, allowing you to navigate easily through the town.

If you prefer to visit a champagne cellar outside of Reims, and you plan to travel to the vineyards, please see our article on the different wine cellars near Reims here.

The Champagne Cellars in Reims: History

Composed of three different varieties of grapes, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier, champagne is a worldwide synonym for luxury and celebration. The first champagne business was founded in Reims in 1729 under the name “Maison Ruinart”. Their international prestige dates back to the 18th Century. During this period, the principal champagne winemakers were the abbeys.

The harvesting of champagne grapes is completely done by hand to protect the grape from damage, and this technique of making champagne includes a method of double fermentation, both in the vat and later in the bottle.

Champagne Cellar in the City Center of Reims: Our Guide

Please see our selections of cellars in the city center of Reims, the world’s capital of champagne. 

The houses of champagne are bustling in the beautiful city of Reims.  Visit these houses and enjoy a tasting of champagne to conclude your beautiful discovery. Remember to book your visits and tours of the champagne houses in advance on their websites!

Visit the MUMM Cellar

An agreeable twenty-five kilometers of concrete wine galleries await your visit to the MUMM house of champagne.  Discover the MUMM estate, the softy-lit galleries with a special guide and a museum of interesting tools used to make champagne. Naturally, a wine tasting awaits you at the conclusion of your visit!

Practical Information

Near Hotel Centre Reims: Just a 15-minute walk from the hotel are the MUMM Cellars, located at 34 rue du champ de mars, Reims, and they welcome visitors after a reservation is made on their website.

Visit the G.H. MARTEL & CO Champagne House

Discover the magnificent, medieval chalk pits hued out since the 4th Century during a visit where tools and machines are displayed that were used for harvesting and making champagne, also the Eco Museum and the buildings can be viewed. Under a depth of 22 meters, admire the cellars carved from chalk during the Gallo-Roman era. A film on champagne is shown.

Practical Information

Only a 30-minute walk or just 10 minutes by car, and you will arrive at the G.H. MARTEL & CO House of Champagne, located at 17 rue des Créneaux, Reims, visitors are welcome daily before 5:30pm.  We suggest making a reservation on their website beforehand.

Visit the Pommery Domain

18 km of underground galleries, dug from chalk, and their beauty allow you to discover the magnificent cellars of the Pommery domain. Numerous types of tours exist, led by exceptional guides, intertwined with works of art and frescoes carved from chalk.  The tasting is served by an expert who comments on the different wines being served.

Practical Information

10 minutes by car or a 35-minute walk to the Hotel Centre Reims, the Pommery Domain, located at 5 Place du Général Gouraud, Reims welcomes visitors daily and we advise that you make a reservation on the website or by calling for a same-day visit.

Visit the Lanson Cellars

Discover a journey of champagne, “from the vineyard to the flute”, with a visit to Clos Lanson. First, learn the history of the Lason House of Champagne, then visit the vineyards in the heart of Reims. The vats of the house are the next step of your journey and they are impressive; enjoy them, for it is very rare for a champagne house to let visitors view the vats! The same goes for the Lason cellar. The cellars and a small museum of tools used on the vines give you a perfect understanding of champagne, given the explanations by professionals throughout the tour. End your visit with an excellent wine tasting.

Practical Information

7 minutes by car or a 30-minute walk, the Lanson cellars, located at 66 rue de Courlancy, Reims, welcome visitors by reservation on their website.

Visit Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin

The unbelievable cellars are 20 meters below ground and their ventilation chimneys remind you of how far below you are leaving a lasting impression. An elaborate explanation of champagne and the history of the house distinguish your visit to the first champagne house run by a woman.  Three different types of visits are possible, including different types of tastings of the emblematic wine, with an accompany of cheeses..

Practical Information

10 minutes by car or a 35-minute walk south of Reims, Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin, located at 1 place des Droits de l’Homme, Reims welcoming visitors uniquely by reservation by phone or by email to their address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Visit the CHARLES DE CAZANOVE House of Champagne

For the moment, visits to the cellars of the Charles de Cazanove House of Champagne are not possible, but tastings, available in both English and French by professionals, are possible, supplemented by a video on the development of champagne.

Practical Information

Near Hotel Centre Reims only a 10-minute walk ,the Charles de Cazanove House of Champagne, located at 8 place de la République, Reims, welcomes visitors daily at the following times: 10am, 1pm-2pm, and 7pm. Make a reservation to proceed with a tasting.

Anecdotes about Champagne

  • At its creation, champagne was called "wine of the devil" and "jumping-cork"; the bubbles from the glass bottles, were initially not desired and they often blew open and sent the corks flying.


  • The indication of the year is not required on bottles of champagne, because often wines from various years are mixed together. The marking of an individual year is a sign of a great quality of champagne.


  • Researchers from the Oenology Laboratory of Reims assure that the majority of the bubbles in the champagne come from contact with the crystals in the wine, but also contact with the fibers of cellulose from the towels used wipe the glass bottles for the Champagne.


  • Champagne was created from the Champagne method where there are two fermentations of the grape must. The first fermentation takes place in the vat, and the second in the bottle itself, in the cellar.

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