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Visit in Reims

Visit Reims in one day

A Champagne Morning in a Local Wine Cellar

Depart from the Hotel Centre Reims and stroll along Foch Boulevard to arrive at the Hautes Promenades of Reims, a beautiful green space welcoming the massive Porte de Mars at the end.  Take some time to explore, and then continue on to Rue du Champs de Mars to arrive a little further down at the wine cellars of G.H. Mumm where you can reserve a tour.  Available tours include: a history tour, visit, wine tasting, create a cocktail…Make sure to reserve a tour ahead of time on their website for this opportunity.

  • Visit the Mumm Wine Cellar
  • On the way: Porte de Mars

A regional lunch in the Boulingrin Quarter

A little hungry after leaving the wine tasting?  Make a small half-turn and take the Champs du Mars street again. To arrive at the Hautes Promenades, turn left on the rue de mars and arrive in the Boulingrin quarter to discover the newly renovated Halles de Boulingrin (Bouligrin Hall), which house the Boulingrin Market. Numerous savory restaurants can be found in the Boulingrin Quarter. We recommend that you try one after a tasting at G.H. Mumm!


Our restaurant recommendations:

  • Brasserie du Boulingrin satisfying customers since 1925 with a generous and old fashioned cuisine! Oysters, pig’s feet, and wine are available for your reservation.
  • Bouillons des Halles coupled with professionalism and the traditions of Champagne-Ardennes, with originality using quality produce from the Boulingrin Market.
  • La Villa and its Italian ambiance that will delight gourmet diners. Their menu proposes delicious Italian fare that is traditional yet modernized for foodies.

A Nice Afternoon in Reims

Start your afternoon by heading to the Trésors de Champagne, or Treasures of Champagne boutique for a bubbly souvenir to bring back from your visit in Reims, situated close to the Halles Boulingrin (2 Rue Olivier Métra).

Next, head over to Hotel de Ville, or City Hall and descend upon the rue de Mars and discover, once on site, the Cellar and its imposing door.  Then go towards the Place du Forum, where you will find your way to the Vergeur House Museum but also the Cryptoporticus, and the ancient ruins of the former forum of the antiquated town.

Once your visit is complete, head over to the imposing Reims Cathedrale and pass through the Royal square. On this side, you will find the Tau Palace where you can visit for free if you are 26 or under. Then head to the Cours Langlet, making a stop at the Fossier Biscuits boutique and try the famous rose biscuits, or cookies of Reims.

Less than five minutes separates you from Erlon Sqaure, where you can stroll and admire the Subé Fountain. Also, you can enjoy returning to Hotel Centre Reims for a brief rest before heading out for dinner. 


  • Treasures of Champagne Boutique
  • City Hall
  • Wine Cellar
  • Le Vergeur Hotel
  • The Cryptoporticus
  • Reims Cathedrale
  • Tau Palace
  • Fossier Biscuits Boutique
  • Erlon Sqaure and Subé Fountain

Dinner in Beautiful Erlon Square

Why not take advantage of the romantic ambiance of Erlon Square for a savory dinner? Discover our three restaurant suggestions for an enjoyable evening!


  • Côté Cuisine: This "open concept" kitchen allows you to view the chefs as they prepare your meal: and this restaurant, with the open concept kitchen, will delight your taste buds! We would like to enjoy the garden for a bit longer…
  • L’Apostrophe : This restaurant bar regularly hosts a dinner show to give your dinner experience another dimension! Enjoy the piano bar and lounge area for relaxation…
  • Au Bureau: This restaurant bar was inspired by the pubs of London and pours beers right up until midnight so you can enjoy the best of your pleasant evening in the beautiful town of Reims.


After such a great evening, only a few steps separate you from the comfort of Hotel Centre Reims…

Many More Monuments to Discover in Reims!

Are you staying a second day in Reims? Do you want to discover more?  Do not hesitate to ask about this list of locations that were not previously mentioned in our guide!

  • Museum of Beautiful Arts
  • Museum of the Reddition
  • Museum of the Automobile
  • Carnégie Library
  • The Planetarium
  • Saint Rémi Basillica
  • The Demoiselle Villa


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